Integrated, customer specific control software for Micro-Waterjet cutting machines


F4 Maschine For the Water-Jet cutting machine, produced by Microwaterjet, we developped a highly integrated, customer specific machine control software with the name MWJT. The software manages and controls the cutting process, guides the operator through the preparation process, reports the cut parts and provides a comprehensive set of data to chose the appropriate cutting strategies for the wide range of materials. The software is structured into several user levels. For simple parts the software choses the optimal parameters. For complex cutting jobs, the operator can chose and adjust parameters manually, down to NC-code


This multilanguage software package is able to run on a variety of different PLCs e.g. Beckhoff or NUM - for preparation even without machine. The provided interfaces allow importing of cuttingplans from a wide range of sources - such as e.g. PEPS, Bysoft, Toplas. The cutting process for the imported parts is then optimized with a sophisticated set of algorhythms. The progress during the process is displayed in detail at any time.

Through optimization the precision of 0.01mm can be reached.

Cuttingplan processing

The forms that need cutting are designed in any CAD/CAM system and the data then imported into the MWJT. During the import, the parts get separated into their basic geometrics in order to do the run the first optimizing processes and the verification if the result can be cut.


Combining the geometries with the parameter the operator enters (material, quality, abrasive etc.) a cutting model is being produced which is following quality based cutting strategies. Apart of displaying this information to the operator, this model is also used to generate NC-Code for Beckhoff TC3 and Flexium NUM CNC. The abstraction of the final geometries allows to import various formats in order to produce code for a variety of CNC-controlled machines. We developped a plugin for the Waterjet to generate code for an older version of a Bystronic system.

Machine connection

Hardwareabstraktions-Layer Various machines can be connected to MJWT through a hardware abstraction-layer (HAL) - this allows to run different machine types with the same control system, still allowing to profit from the machine specifics from each supplier. The connection of Beckhoff is performed over ADS, for NUM we use FxServer.

Software protection

CodeMeter The MWJT software is connected to each machine by a hardware protection mechanism provided by CodeMeter. Apart of copying- and decompile-protection it is also possible to provide extensions which can be activated at the customers site.

Used technologies

  • Java
  • Eclipse RCP/SWT
  • C#
  • Windows COM
  • NUM FxServer
  • Beckhoff TC3 (CNC, SPS, ADS)
  • NSIS
  • Docbook
  • Scilab